Our Story

Hello, We're Asha and Amy and we both love food. I mean who doesn't. 
We first met through an organisation called AIESEC at university,  and our friendship has continued to grow exponentially from there. 

The story behind the name, stems from the first dish we ever made together.  Dumplings. They were amazing and thus this blog begins. During our 3rd year at uni, we got to a point in our final exam revision where our minds were on the point of explosions. So, what a great way in channelling that stress through cooking.

This blog is just aimed to share bits and bobs of our lives, especially when it comes down to food. Sharing simple, healthy and tasty dishes you can try. Asha is definitely the head chef here and Amy is a beginner. So if she can do it, you can do.   

Stay tuned for more. 


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