Sunday, 19 June 2016

Recipe | Vietnamese Tofu in Tomato sauce 🍅

Recipe | Vietnamese Tofu in Tomato sauce

Quick super easy healthy tofu in tomato sauce recipe for the family. This recipe serves a family of 4. Suitable for Vegans. 

400g of fresh tofu in water
4/5 tomatoes
2 spring onions 
A pinch of salt
2 tbsp of fish sauce
1 tbsp of chicken stock 

1. Slice the tofu into even rectangular chucks - you should be able to get around 18-20 slices. 
2. Dry the tofu with a kitchen paper towel, before frying them in a pan for about 15mins until a golden brown.
3. Whilst waiting for the tofu to cook, slice out the tomatoes into medium size chucks
4. Sauté the tomatoes into a pan with a little water to soften 
5. Once the tomatoes have softened, add in the cooked tofu and stir for another 2mins.
6. Chop up the spring onions diagonally and add to the dish a few mins before serving.  

Make sure you blot water from the tofu off otherwise it'll take longer to cook.

Look at the crispy goodness! YUM! 

You don't want the sliced tomatoes to be too small or to big, slice them up just right. :)

Friday, 10 June 2016

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadan - Keeping Healthy

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadan - Keeping Healthy

My First week of Ramadan has gone alright. :) Apart from the humidity which is making my body cry and head spin, the limited period for me to enjoy my Iftar and Suhur meal (especially in this summer period) has been going surprisingly well. Its given me more to think about when it comes to the things I choose to put in my body and my thoughts go to thinking about the less fortunate whom probably suffer from starvation and hunger everyday. My Muslim friend has been so supportive and we've been messaging one another ever since to keep an eye out on our progress. 

Here's 3 things I've learnt so far;

1. Selflessness - One of my reasons for fasting is for me to think more about other people, learning to give more and take less. Experiencing this really makes me sympathise with the less fortunate and make me more appreciative about the food on my plate. I volunteer at a community centre whom serve food to the homeless and its just an amazing heart-warming feeling that they've put in so much effort to help others. When I successful my aim is to either start up my own charity or fund a cause I'm passionate about. 

2. Appreciation & Self control - Having that first bite of my Iftar meal after waiting more than 12 hours is a blessing I can't even describe. For a while now, after many heart breaking events I have seriously lost my appetite compared to when I was a kid. But now, re-framing and having that self control from my desire to eat and waiting till the time is right has made me so much more appreciative of not only my food/fuel but the delicate flavouring. I had a strawberry yesterday evening and I almost melted at how beautifully amazing it tasted. 

3. Awareness - With working a full time job and living a 40min walk away, planning my day and week has become vital. I plan the week out in advanced to make sure that my body is getting the right nutrients to function for the day. In all honestly this is what I should be doing everyday, but its hard to keep on track of everything when lifes passing by so fast. This experience has made me focus more on what I put in my body and the importance of water. Going back to the first day I had a full on headache from the lack of water, I learnt my lesson. I'm now planning to drink 5 glasses of water during sun's hiding period and I know what my body is capable of. 

I hope have the strength to continue on this venture. 

Review | Boba Jam

Review | Boba Jam 

Want to try out cute and guilty ridden desserts?! You have to check out Boba Jam in London's one and only Chinatown

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadan - My Iftar meal

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadan -  My Iftar meal 

Trying to get all the nutrients I need in these meals. 

Some water for hydration, orange juice for some of my five a day, a bowl of my home made Chinese chicken soup (recipe coming soon), a chicken salad wrap, some strawberries and some chocolate yoghurt. 

My Iftar Meal

Waiting for the sunset to start 

It felt like forever waiting for the sun to set but now its finally happened, its paradise! 

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadam

Lifestyle | My Non Muslim Ramadam 

It was probably around secondary school when I first came across the expression of Ramadam. At a young age I think I was quite (more like VERY) naive in thinking that it was just not eating for month, but now I think that fasting and celebrating Ramadam has such a significance for those who choose to participate in religiously and in both a physically and mentally. I really hope I don't offend anyone here, that's really not my intention, I want to be respectful to this Holy Month and everything the month represents. I decided on Monday (6/6/16) that I would fast this year.

It wasn't just an out of the blue thing,for a while now I've been thinking that my life has been a little out of control this past year and I was looking to try and learn to develop myself and become more self-discipline in someway. Then, perfectly timed, a colleague of mine mentioned that he was thinking of fasting this year and it was something on his bucket list to do, and I couldn't stop thinking about doing it. 

He read out the conditions of Ramadam from a website ( so not too sure if this differs from website to website in anyway) and my first concern was the fasting of water. I drink water constantly. Everywhere I go, be that work, running, to the gym or hanging out with friends I would bring a bottle of water with me as its such an important aspect of being healthy. But I was still up for it and here I am. Embarking on my first ever Ramadam journey 

And I think before you embark on this sort of  thing is to ask yourself why? why? why? I've been asking myself this question every single day. 

  xoxo Amy 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Recipe | Healthy Meatball wrap

Recipe | Healthy Meatball Wraps

This is a healthy meatball wrap. sequel to our first Thai meatball recipe.

Additional ingredients used:

3 leaves of romaine lettuce( although you can use other lettuce but this type has strong stem for holding as wrap)
spread the peanut butter sauce and place the meat ball . next mix the following ingredient:
diced cucumber- 2 tbsp
 finely chopped coriander- 1 tbsp
finely chopped red onion- 1 tbsp
may add more veg- olives, sweet corn
place the mixture on meatballs.

Finally add -

hot sauce - cholula( drizzle as you please)
2 tbsp Greek yoghurt

Recipe | Poached egg with Avocado salad

Recipe | Poached egg with Avocado Salad


Another healthy breakfast to start your morning.

Asha's Flavourful Poached Egg
2 fresh eggs for poaching(  check out Jamie Oliver's 3 perfect ways of poaching below) I used the first method 
sea salt and black pepper to taste
for salad
diced 1/2 avocado
red pepper-2 tbsp
chopped coriander-1tbsp
chopped spring onions- 1tbsp
half lime

mix all the ingredients above to form the base. add the remaining for garnish and finish.
feta cheese -25 gm
flaxseed power 1 tbsp