Saturday, 28 May 2016

Review | Eat Tokyo

Review | Eat Tokyo

Sashimi Boats, Intricately designed sushi rolls and insanely cheap bowls of muscles. I LOVE this restaurant, its pretty much the number one place I go to when I'm taking my friends around London. For sushi is a pretty good deal considering how much Japanese food tends to cost so its a win win situation. 

Look at this beautiful Sashimi Boat

Definitely recommend the salmon teriyaki

For 2 people; I'd recommend a bento box (to fill you up and you can try out the different elements) and 2 Sushi dishes. 
For more than 4 people; I'd just recommend ordering alot of different types of sushi and splitting the cost. 

Specials to try
The Hyper Roll 
Salmon Teriyaki Bento
King Prawn Roll 
Anything with Eel in it

Rice tends to be really filling so it might not look like much but it'll sure fill you to your core.  

The waiters and waitress thank you really gratefully when you're leaving, but the general costumer service isn't the greatest. But the food detracts you away from all of this. 
4/5 Happy Dumpling Rating 

xoxo Ames

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